Seaworld Luau Orlando Florida


Seaworld Luau orlando florida

Before visiting the Makahiki Luau with my wife and kids, we had heard that this Luau was one of the most popular and acclaimed luau dinner shows in the whole country. Usually it’s not a good idea to attend a dinner show with high expectations, as you will undoubtedly be disappointed by the food or the entertainment. However this breathtaking Luau show absolutely lives up to its reputation.

Located at the SeaWorld Park, in the Seafire Grill, this nightly luau is Sea World’s way of bringing the Polynesian Islands to Orlando’s visitors. As darkness was falling, we waited at the wharf as the impressive ceremonial procession approached from the waterfront to the welcoming ceremony where a welcoming ceremony was offered by magnificent dancers – it was a perfect start to an amazing show. After the show, we entered the large theater behind the grill where we sat around a large semicircular stage at long tables, where lit tikis cast a wonderfully intimate glow on the audience. The atmosphere really set the stage for what was to come.

The large Grand Kahuna started the show with his guitar, singing authentic island songs. As the show picked up steam, the handsome and beautiful dancers really made the show in exotic costumes and offering some of the most wonderful dancing that I’ve seen anywhere. The chanting segments of the show was truly inspiring, and the kids were absolutely enthralled when the Grand Kahuna tells a tale about Sky Father and Earth Mother – and as the story reached the Fire Dance, my kids eyes were wide as the fire dancer placed the burning ends of a fire baton against his tongue and his feet.

Throughout the show, we were served several courses, starting with fresh fruit at the start, then the entrée with steamed vegetables, which I thought was pretty good. Finally dessert, a lava cake, was served with coffee – and was actually quite good.

Overall – our family left this Luau feeling full, content, and in high spirits. The music was quite infectious, and the positive feelings presented by the stories and dancing lasted us for a very long time, and it was definitely an experience we will never forget.

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