Cirque du soleil


Cirque du soleil dinner show orlando florida

The cirque Du Soleil – La Nouba is one of Disney’s finest shows, and hands-down one of the most exciting shows that we’ve ever been to in Orlando, without exaggerating.

When we purchased the tickets for my wife and I, my first inclination was to decline buying them and spend the money on something else during our trip. However we bit the bullet and purchased two expensive tickets. We showed up about thirty minutes early and took the time to browse the extensive gift shop, and even spotted a couple of souvenirs would buy on the way out.

After being led to our seats in the huge theater, I found myself astounded immediately by the size and architecture of this stunning theater – like a large and elegant Big Top.

Just before the show, clowns entertained the crowd with a few funny skits, and then finally after the lights dimmed, a spotlight lit a single member of the cast playing a beautiful and very moving trumpet solo.

As the show got going, the energy level was simply electrifying as several acts were taking place at once with dancers always moving in the background. Each segment of the show blended beautifully into one another – all filled with stunning mixtures of lights and inspiring music. At various points in the show, performers appeared to do some remarkable and impossible acts that simply left us speechless. Every movement and act was done gracefully and with seemingly little effort.

Once the show was over, my wife and I remained mesmerized even as we were walking out – so much so that we forgot to stop at the gift shop and pick up the souvenirs that we were planning to buy. However we weren’t too disappointed, because there was little doubt that we would be attending the show again sometime very soon.

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