Pirates Dinner Adventure


Pirates dinner adventure orlando florida

The Pirates Dinner Adventure in Orlando was a fun and high energy show that our kids absolutely loved. When we arrived, while waiting for the show, there was a pre-show that included a great appetizer buffet with salads, snacks and sauces. The kids were already having fun before the show even started.

As we were led inside the theater, I was taken aback by the amazing set – the stage is complete with a very authentic looking 18th-century Spanish galleon. It’s a full sized ship, and surrounding the lagoon are six “ships” where the audience is seated and we were assigned a pirate to “cheer” on.

The “Pirate’s Feast” was tossed salad, creamy soup, and a few choices for meat – chicken, pork or shrimp. The food was somewhat average, but decent for a venue serving several hundred at once. What really made the experience great was the show itself which was quite thrilling. The show offers plenty of action, comedy and romance – and several members of the audience were even pulled into the show at the delight of everyone.

The acting was great – and I was fairly impressed with much of the special effects like the cannon blasts and pyrotechnics. The sword fighting was actually excellently choreographed, and the acrobatic tricks were professional and very enjoyable.

Overall – this was a fun show with an impressive backdrop, and I would recommend it to anyone visiting the Orlando area, especially those families who are traveling with kids who have an interest in Pirates as most children do. It’s a wonderful place to go and just be a kid and have some fun.

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