Murderwatch Mystery Theater


Murderwatch Mystery Theater orlando florida

Murderwatch Mystery Theatre is located in the Grosvenor Resort, held in Baskerville’s, the resort’s excellent buffet restaurant. The high point of this dinner show was definitely the superb food – easily the best food of any dinner show in Orlando. While it was buffet style, it included a great selection of beef, chicken or fish and all of the side dishes and plenty to drink.

During the delicious meal, the actors began mingling with the patrons. We actually chatted with one of the characters who was quite witty, and did a great job staying “in character” during the conversation. As the dinner continued, the plotline began to build. It was very witty and humorous, with subtle adult innuendos peppered throughout. The acting quality in general was not Broadway quality, but not bad either – the characters were all fun and engaging. Toward the end of the show, a couple of the characters had finally been murdered, and it was up to us, the audience, to solve the mystery.

There was only a little audience participation, however toward the end of the show, the murdered characters come back to life and offer their own perspective – and the audience was broken up into groups to figure out who committed the crime!

My wife and I were able to put together the clues surrounding who the murderer was, and so did everyone at our table!

Overall the show was very entertaining. While the hotel setting isn’t at all comparable to many of the large-scale and impressive settings of some of the other dinner shows in the Orland area, the whimsical humor, enthusiastic acting, and interesting plot more than makes up for it – and the food quality was, quite simply, worth the admission charge alone.

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