Al Capones Orlando Florida


Al Capones dinner and show orlando florida

Al Caponeís Dinner and Show in Orlando is an excellent value and a very fun show to see. Upon arriving, we noticed a crowd forming at the door, but we couldnít get in until Detective Marvel showed up and provided the password to get inside. A great way to start the show Ė the atmosphere inside was also great.

Our server was a mobster named Joey, who was dressed the part and had a great Chicago accent. While his character wasnít polite Ė he was great and really played the part. The food consisted of a decent buffet with standard Italian fare such as pastas, sausage, baked chicken and the sides. However since it was buffet style we could load our plates high Ė and thatís the great value.

The show was fun Ė a storyline based on a 1931 Cabaret with Miss Jewel and some very beautiful dancers, Fingers Salvatorio, Mobster, the Renegade Copper and the detective, among others. The show was essentially a musical with dancing and plenty of corny jokes, which everyone got a kick out of. The atmosphere was very intimate, and it didnít take long to feel as though we were part of the faced-paced show.

Overall, this show wasnít the best in the area, but at a cost of about half of the other dinner shows around Ė you canít go wrong. Itís amusing entertainment and plenty of food, wrapped up in a Chicago gangster theme that will at least make you smile. Donít expect gourmet food, just something to satisfy your hunger as you enjoy the comedy and music.

We would recommend this show to anyone visiting the area who might want some inexpensive entertainment for dinner. This is the most affordable of all the Orlando Florida dinner shows.

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