Arabian Nights dinner show


Arabian Nights dinner show orlando florida

Arabian Nights in Orlando is a very unique dinner show that presents patrons with some of the most amazing displays of horsemanship that Iíve ever seen. This Dinner attraction was started 15 years ago for the sole purpose of displaying horse performances Ė and thatís exactly what this show is all about.

Upon arriving, there is a bar where we could relax while waiting to be seated in the arena, and there is also a pre-show area with some entertainment just before the show starts. As we were brought into the arena, we were seated at a long table, and almost immediately dinner was served. There was a choice of two meals - I chose the prime rib, and my wife chose the veggie lasagna. We were pleased with the food, and we were even more pleased when the show started and the beautiful and elegant horses entered. While the acting is not superb, the horse performances and their beauty more than make up for it. The entire show was almost completely done on horseback. The music and costumes were very beautiful and certainly enhanced the show.

The story includes a Princess on her wedding day, a genie, and of course a villain. Most of the amazing horseback performances were called up by the genie, and included some impressive acts including a square dance on horseback. For horse lovers Ė this entire show is a sight to behold.

The show ran just over two hours; the food was moderate to good, and overall, as horse lovers, we greatly enjoyed this fast-paced and entertaining show.

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