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Medieval Times dinner show orlando florida

The Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Kissimmee, Florida was a wonderful experience when we attended the show for the first time with our two little girls.

After checking in, we were provided with cardboard crowns of a color that corresponds to which section we were sitting in – and this would be the color of the knight to cheer for. Our daughters were already happy the moment they had the colored crown placed on their heads – even before the show had started!

Once everyone is seated at the long tables, serving wenches walk out carrying huge trays piled high with a medieval meal – soup, herb-roasted chicken, barbecue spare ribs, half a baked potato and a pastry for desert. Overall the food was fairly good. However the best part was that there were no utensils! Our kids were thrilled at the idea of being “allowed” to eat with only their fingers. There were plenty of napkins available. Throughout the meal, the servers were friendly and quite helpful.

While we were eating, the theatrics began inside the Grand Ceremonial Arena. The horses were magnificently kept and all stunningly beautiful. As we were eating, the knights began to compete within the arena – and a love story between a Princess and a handsome Knight is intertwined within the sword-fighting.

My favorite part of the tournament was the Joust, where Knights mounted on their regal horses charged at each other with long lances – and as they collide the lance shatters. The energy of the crowd also makes a very big difference – so get your section really pumped up to cheer for your knight, and you’ll enjoy the show that much more.

The musical score was magnificent, and the costumes are all very well done. Overall, the seating throughout provides a great view of the entire arena regardless where you sit.

After the show, our kids rated it as one of the best Orlando dinner shows we’d ever visited. I have to say – I can’t disagree at all.

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